Reformed and Southern Baptist

What is in a name? Santa Teresa Baptist Church! We are first and foremost a neighborhood church seeking to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ in our local community. Our doctrinal roots are traced to the late 17th century Baptists that emerged out of the Puritan movement in England. And we trace our denominational roots to the early Calvinistic southern Baptists that gathered in 1845 in Augusta, GA to form the Southern Baptist Convention. As it pleases God, we labor for the reformation of true religion and worship to take hold throughout the SBC and beyond.

Our Missional Purpose

Enlarging the fellowship of God

through our fellowship with one another.

  • This means, first, that STBC is a missional church. Our burning desire is to see great multitudes enter into fellowship with God through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Second, this means that we seek to intentionally live life in such a way as to gain favor and win people to the Lord through the outspoken love we have for each other. This love is to be vividly demonstrated through our genuine desire to meet and eat together, pursue truth, goodness and wisdom together, pray for and serve one another, train up our children together, rejoice and grieve together, and of course, glorify the Father and exalt the Son together—just to name a few.