Enthusiastic Associationalism

RBNet General Assembly, Riverside, CA (2018)

  • New to the concept of confessionalism, STBC attended its first ARBCA General Assembly in Mansfield, TX in 2005. Nearly 50 churches holding to the London Confession of 1689 were in attendance. One church had recently lost their only pastor and was represented by a layman pleading for help. The member churches voted to send their full-time coordinator to help them through a transition and pastoral selection process. We were overwhelmed with the demonstration of grace and compassion these churches showed to one another. It would be another six years, but STBC became a member church in 2011.

  • The purpose of RBNet is "to glorify God through fellowship and cooperation in fulfilling the Great Commission to the ends of the earth." Both RBNet and STBC have common mission interests in Latin America, particularly in Mexico. Because of the Mexico connection, we anticipate our Juarez church plant, Iglesia Bautista Pacto de Gracia, to become an vital member of RBNet when it constitutes.

  • STBC is a charter member of TAARBC. Modelled after the national association and chartered in 2009, TAARBC offers the advantage of providing more frequent fellowship, edification and assistance to like-minded confessional and reformed Baptist churches in the Texas area. TAARBC pastors frequently help supply each other's pulpits particularly in times of illness or emergency. TAARBC is the go-to organization in the Texas area to assist other reforming Baptist churches.

  • STBC has its origins in the BCNM. The BCNM sent the first Southern Baptist church planters to Santa Teresa in 1992 (see A Brief History). We have  been Southern Baptists from our inception. We also participate in the monthly RGBA pastor's prayer meeting which is a wonderful source of encouragement and fellowship with local SBC pastors.