Our Worship

Worship at STBC is the primary purpose for our existence. We worship God precisely because He is worthy of our complete devotion. When we assemble on the Lord's Day our worship includes everything we do between the call to worship and the benediction: our singing, praying, reading the Scriptures, giving and preaching.

Our worship is first biblical: We look to the Scriptures to teach us how we shall worship. Where the Bible commands it we labor under the grace of God to obey it. Consequently, we adhere to the Regulative Principle of Worship.

Our worship is spiritual.  No one can say that Jesus is Lord except they be indwelt by the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit has to be with us to produce spiritual worship. We do not press upon the minds of our people for some emotionally-charged experience. Rather we pray for a flesh-crucifying, Spirit-empowering, transformational experience which has us departing with renewed faith.

Our worship style is traditional.  At STBC we use a blend of traditional and contemporary psalms, hymns and spiritual songs chosen predominantly from the 2008 Baptist Hymnal. Departing from the contemporary practice of using PowerPoint and other media aids, we sing directly from the hymnal. We try to teach our people not only the words of songs but also how to follow the melody. Our enthusiasm for singing as an integral part of our adoration of God is evident with or without accompaniment.  But the hour is coming, and is now here, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father is seeking such people to worship him (John 4:23). May God in his grace and for his glory make us such a people! 

Typical Order of Service

Call to Worship

Opening Hymn

Congregational Reading /Pray of Confession

Congregational Singing

Pastoral Prayer

Congregational Singing



Closing Hymn


We celebrate the Lord's Supper the first Lord's Day of each month.

This service is followed with out monthly fellowship meal and pot-luck.