At STBC, we do not believe in creating programs. We don't believe in that old tired concept that 'if you can find work for someone to do they will be more likely to stay in the church.' Instead, we recognize that God has given every believer a spiritual gift and it is the church's responsibility to see those gifts developed, matured and, Lord willing, producing good fruit. Consequently, we seek to help our members grow in grace and to apply their spiritual gifts and abilities in such a way as to benefit the church and our community. Some of our ongoing ministries are shown below.

Building Tomorrows Mission

A joint ministry between STBC and FBC, Clinton, LA, the purpose of BTM

is to cast a vision among the next generation of church members and leaders for the urgency for missions. We do this by facilitating low-cost, hands-on, in-the-field training and experience. We aim to accomplish this goal through intensive one-week short-term mission projects which incorporate pastoral leadership, nightly preaching and teaching, daily ministry projects such as neighborhood evangelism and Vacation Bible Schools, and work projects in foreign language situations. Scheduled each year the last week in July, young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 assemble on the international border community of El Paso, TX and conduct short-term mission on both the US and Mexican sides of the border.  The overarching rule guiding this ministry is to share the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ in every activity and encounter.

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Men's Breakfast and Book Study

A men's group meets at the pastor's house every other Saturday morning for breakfast and a book study. Topics include theology, doctrine, church history and biography. Some of the titles the men have recently studied  are Preacher and Preaching by Martin Lloyd-Jones, What About Free Will by Scott Christensen, The Deacon by Cornelis Van Dam, He Died for Me by Jeffrey Johnson and Democratic Religion in the Baptist South by Greg Wills.

Books are selected to primarily help develop male leadership in the church. This fellowship includes pastors from several Southern Baptist churches as well as lay men from STBC.

Women's Study

One of the women in the church was a Navy wife and mother who was getting ready to move her family to Japan. Uncertain of the church situation where she was moving she asked if the women in the church could meet to improve their theological vocabulary. Since then the mom's who are available have been meeting every week or so to study sound doctrinal and parental issues. We began with  study of Edwin Palmer's Five Points of Calvinism to help understand the depravity of man against the backdrop of the grace of God. We have also read The Child's Book on Repentance by the 19th century minister, Thomas Gallaudet. This has provided a wonderful opportunity for the women to focus their study and enjoy fellowship with one another.

40 Days of Prayer

STBC is a partner with the Southwest Coalition for Life and supplies prayer warriors who stand for the gospel and peacefully pray for the abolition of abortion before our city abortion clinics.

Several times a year the coalition sponsors 40 days of prayer. Volunteers choose one hour a week and pray in front of one of the city's three abortion mills. We commit to do this for 6 weeks.

True story:  One of our members intercepted a couple going in for an abortion. They took them nearby to breakfast. They pleaded for the life of the unborn - even offering to adopt the baby if the mother would carry the child to term! Sadly, the couple would not change their mind.  However, this is an extraordinary example of the commitment the members of STBC have to peacefully see and end to abortion in our lifetime.

Neighborhood Goodwill

Every year, when the weather is nice, we organize to clean the small park located a few blocks from the church. Over time it becomes overgrown with weeds and filled with trash and becomes unsafe for our neighborhood children. So we gather up our shovels and rakes and chainsaws and weed-eaters and clean. It is hard work but also fun for the men (and a few women) who participate. Several neighborhood families often join us giving us a good opportunity to witness. And when the day is done someone usually brings over some pizza and refreshment.

Weather permitting we take our Lord's Day worship service into the park the following Sunday and give thanks to God before the watching world. More than a few heads are turned as cars drive by.